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Calais Planning Commission  

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  2014 Zoning 2014 Zoning showing changes   2016 Town Plan (PDF)
  2009 Town Plan   2016 Town Plan (Word docx)
  Calais Town Map        
  Calais Resources map   2016 Zoning proposed (PDF) .doc  
  New Housing 2003 - 2008    
  2010 parcel map with layers    
  Shoreland/Village border revision Resources
  Proposed Prominent Ridgeline and Slopes map    
Online Interractive Map   Expanded Village Districts
      Planned Development resources and documents
The Agricultural Task Force   Guidelines for PC Members - coming soon
  Purpose Statement .PDF      
  Calais P:roducer Directory .PDF      
  Ag Survey Results .PDF     Email the Planning Commission
  1999 Agricultural Task Force report     Calais Planning Commission,
        3120 Pekin Brook Road
Ancient Roads     East Calais, VT  05650
  CART Memo: SB March 2009    
  CART roads, list and map (2009)    
  Ancient Roads Committee Meeting Minutes: 12/01/10    
  Ancient Roads Committee report 12/10 interractive map    
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