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  Meeting of Tuesday Feb 7 7:00 PM at the Town Offices::    

Regional Energy Plan survey for the Regional Planning Commission
"Biomass renewal area" siting;
training on the Municipal Energy Standards/Act 174 sometime before the end of February http://centralvtplanning.org/programs/energy/ ;
discussion of "technical assistance" to amend our energy portion of the town plan to conform to the state standards, and achieve "substantial deference" [vs. due consideration];
supporting documents are at www.calaisvt.info

Ongoing discussions:
Impact mitigation
Town Mapping technology and mechanisms for updating town maps
Variances: 24 V.S.A., §4469(a) / Waivers: 24 V.S.A., §4414
acceptance of Minutes


The Central Vermont Regional Planning Commission is developing a comprehensive Regional Energy Plan and needs input from municipalities. This plan will identify goals and policies that can be implemented on a regional level to meet the State of Vermont’s Comprehensive Energy Plan Goals.
CVRPC is requesting that each Selectboard, Planning Commission, Energy Committee and Conservation Commission in the Central Vermont Region complete a survey, which asks questions about energy mapping constraints and locating preferred sites for renewable energy development. We ask for one survey from each entity, and that the survey is completed and responses returned either electronically or by mail, by March 6, 2017. If your entity is unable to complete the survey in that timeframe, please contact me.

I have included in this email, the link to the online survey, a PDF of the survey, the instruction sheet as well as an addendum document that defines the mapping constraints in question in the survey. I have also mailed paper copies of the survey and instructions to every town office to be distributed to the Selectboard, Planning Commission, Energy Committee and Conservation Commission. The paper copies are available so that the entity can discuss the questions and format answers, but we ask that after answers have been completed, the responses get entered online at the survey link below. If your entity is unable to fill out the answers online, please mail or scan the response to me.

In this email I have included the Chairs of the Selectboard, Planning Commission and Conservation Commission. I have also included town administrators and planners in this email to ensure this email makes it to the correct Chairs. I have listed below the name and email for the chairs of the respective entities, if any of this information is incorrect or there is a better contact email, please let me know and forward this email along to the correct address.

Selectboard: Denise Wheeler
Planning Commission: Gary Root
Conservation Commission: Drew Lamb

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  Survey Instructions